Help Videos

Just a random collection of videos that have helped us along the way.

Ball diff

Easiest break-in method I have used: Klinik RC S1E2 How to build a PERFECT Ball Diff!!

Spencer Rivkin 1:10 Build Tip - How to Build a Ball Diff
Pro Tip with Spencer Rivkin - How I Break in my Ball Diff
Aussie Builds - Ball Diff Break In


Aussie Builds - Slipper Edition

Slipper vs Ball diff noises

Aussie Builds - Loose Ball Diff vs Loose Slipper Edition
Team Associated : How-To: Set Your Slipper Clutch

Gluing tires

Mounting and Gluing RC Tires
Gluing your 1:10 Tires - Spencer Rivkin

Tire prep

Ryan Harris : HOW TO BREAK IN TIRES || Tire prep methods explained
Pro Tip With Spencer Rivkin - 1:10 Tire Break in Method
Pro Tip With Spencer Rivkin - 1:10 How to Sand tires Slicks

Shock bleeding

The double bleed ...

PRO TIP - How to Bleed Shocks - Spencer Rivkin

Gear diff

Do I need to weigh my gear diff? No, no, no..... still no.

Aussie Builds - Gear Diff Edition

Ride height

Aussie Builds - Ride Height Edition
Spencer Rivkin 1:10 Pro Tip How To Set Ride Height

Steering endpoints

Aussie Builds - Steering Servo Setup Edition